Hackney 365

How do we remember?

Hackney 365:

This second part of the exhibition is the culmination of a photographic project in Hackney . The same photograph was taken every day for a year. I was not in Hackney every day so it took longer than a year to collect the 365 photos in the slide show.They were not taken at the same time of the day. I chose a cycle and pedestrian crossing across a main through road in Hackney. People pass through at great pace and my project captured a fleeting history.

The photo was taken as soon as the camera was set up. (This rule was broken on only two or three occasions.) The camera captures a fleeting moment. The momentary memory of that instant has been captured in the drawings ,paintings and lithographs. Also I wanted to try and capture all the images together, hence the contact sheet. Traditionally in photography most images and memories are discarded from the contact sheet for ever. I have preserved all the images. As memories get reinterpreted and changed so do these images as they are reinterpreted in different media, stripped back to the barest essentials from the memory of the photo image.

The slide show, although on a loop, is in date order. The works are arranged to follow the chronology of the slide show.

Adam Forman March 2019

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